About Niqo

What up world. I am Dominique “Niqo Sama” Lumpkins. Im a 27 year old self taught artist/painter/designer/creative located out of Columbus Georgia. I paint and design clothing inspired by my art. I began painting in April 2018 for fun as a hobby and never looked back! I have created over 100 paintings and probably will do over 1000 once it's all said and done. As far as having a history with art going back, I would say the only thing I can remember loving that was artistic, would be drawing old school cars and my favorite cartoon characters (The Simpsons & Dragon Ball) growing up. Since beginning painting, I also have began designing clothing based from my artwork. Everything is about growth to me, I am always looking for ways to improve and expand. If you pay attention long enough, I believe you will also see that.
Many wonder how I come up with the ideas for my art. When I paint I usually, 90% of the time, go off that moments feeling and vibe. I find more often than not, the coolest pieces starts with me just going with the flow. I find being present is key to creating effortlessly. Being in a sort of intuitive state of awareness is where I am at my best. Rather than thinking about whats next, I feel whats next. Whether that applies to how I am choosing the colors to use or how my hands move across the canvas. Watching what comes from it and trying to channel that as uninterrupted as possible is where I feel the freest and at my best . The other 10%, is comes from places of inspiration. Maybe I saw something that looks cool, heard some words that resonate, or I have a message to get across.
What i want to/will accomplish with my art….i feel like it is simple. I am going to bring people together across the world from the hood all the way to the fine art enthusiasts and all those in between. I am going to continue to learn and develop my skills. I will make some millions!!! I also want to continue to have fun and continue to meet new people.
Lastly before I tell you my last goal, I want to thank you for reading this. I find it hard to explain the satisfaction felt when I get support from others. I find it mind-blowing that I am able to paint the crazy ideas in my head and people actually like and support it.
Thus brings us to my biggest goal, I want to inspire people to do what they love. I want YOU to know there is a way to do whatever it is that you love to do and make a living from that.
To me, there is no better time than the present moment, cherish and use it and be creative with it.